Latitude 64 Dagger Review

Latitude 64 Dagger

The Latitude 64 Dagger is a great slow and stable putter.  It’s similar to many of your favorite putters but a few slight adjustments that add up to a significantly different experience without jeopardizing the comfortable and familiar putter feel.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Dagger has been developed in co-operation with Dave Feldberg and is a deep dish beaded putter. Feldberg says it is comparable to a big bead Aviar, Wizard, Challenger, etc., but deeper with more float.”–approach.html

Available plastics: Zero Line Medium

Flight Rating:  2, 4, 0, 2

Initial Reactions

The Latitude 64 Dagger makes me think of the Wizard’s hefty older brother, but in a good way.  It’s big and chunky and the Medium stiffness Zero Line is fairly firm with a soft and almost chalky texture.

By the Numbers

Flight chart courtesy of inbounds Disc Golf


I’m tempted to suggest increasing the glide to a 5 since the Dagger has extra float and will stay in the air a long time, but it’s also not made to throw with force so and when I backed down I felt like the glide was around 4.5.  

Putting Notes

The Latitude 64 Dagger has a bit more float and a bit more fade than a Wizard but the flight is very similar.  It will hold most any line steadily before curling into that familiar overstable putter fade. It will, however, hook and travel a little further left at the end than many putters due to the extra glide.

Because of the greater rim depth it may not release as consistently for those of us with small hands, the deep rim scraped my fingers on many releases causing a flutter.  If you’ve got larger hands you probably won’t need to worry about this.

The Dagger works well for almost any type of putt and it’s chunkiness makes for a great turbo putt.  I found the greatest success with hyzer putts which were quite consistent inside 50 feet.  I was surprised that despite the deep rim and increased float it was not affected by the wind any more than my standard putters.


The Dagger preferred shots under 225′ but with a little extra care I could hit 250′ while maintaining decent control.  Since it’s only a 2 speed with significant glide it’s easy to overpower (and not easy to find in the cornfield adjacent to hole #7).  It will handle anhyzer shots quite well, the extra float slows it down to a controllable speed while it flattens out gently at the end.  Just beware that the extra float can take you past the basket on shorter shots if you’re not prepared.

This putter didn’t like the power grip even when released lightly so I had to rely on a fan grip which wasn’t as comfortable on the deep rim.  Nevertheless, I was pleased with how well it handled the breeze once it was in the air.  Many slower, deep rimmed putters are greatly affected by the wind but the Dagger held its own.  I didn’t have any difficulty with skips because of the medium speed but there were a few roll-aways that were exaggerated due to the large rim.

Final Verdict

If you like chunky putters with deep rims and beads then I’d have to believe that you’ll like the Latitude 64 Dagger.  I love the feel and the flight, but my hands simply are not large enough to feel comfortable throwing the Dagger with consistency.  I would place this as an intermediate disc mostly because beginners may do better learning with a slightly lower profile… then again the medium speed on an overstable putter may help teach the fundamentals.


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