Kastaplast Reko Review

Kastaplast Reko Putter Review

Over the past 13 years I’ve changed putters only once.  Now with Kastaplast’s release of the Reko putter I’m changing for just the second time.  That’s how solid of a putter the Kastaplast Reko is.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“Get your Reko for those straight putts and approaches, or give it a little hyzer on drives and watch it turn over gently.  This disc has all the qualities of a true go-to putter.”


Available plastics: K3

Flight Rating:  3, 3, 0, 1

Initial Reactions

The Reko has a low profile and rounded nose for an extremely comfortable feel, especially for those of us with small hands.  The Reko also has a concave flight plate, though not as pronounced as the Berg, which makes for an even better grip.  There is a very small but wide bead, so   The performance mimics the grip – near perfection.  This is hands down the best all-around putter I’ve ever thrown and it’s taken a lead role in my bag.

Kastaplast Reko Profile Side View

The nose of the Reko is shaped similar to Discraft’s Roach, both are somewhat pointed for allowing more speed but the Reko is a little more rounded and the Roach’s flight plate continues to dome upward.

 By the Numbers

Flight chart courtesy of inbounds Disc Golf

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Putting Notes

The Kastaplast Reko optimally balances glide and speed so that it’s quite controllable at any distance and holds any line inside 50 with only a slight fade out at the end.  The moderate glide, however, gives the Reko extra options such as tossing it high and letting it drop down the the basket on a hyzer or anhyzer.

In the past I’ve preferred high-glide putters as they require little effort to reach the basket but the moderate glide of the Reko translates to a large increase in consistency and control with only a little extra power.  This especially comes into play in windy conditions; the Reko is one of the most consistent putters I’ve thrown in the wind aside from extremely overstable putters.


I often find that upshots are where the all-around putters fail me, they may be decent at everything but great at nothing.  Kastaplast’s Reko defies this stereotype and is truly great at most upshot and approach shots.  Straight for 125 feet? No problem, just throw it flat with a fan grip.  200 foot anhyzer? No problem, toss it high with a fan grip or lower with a power grip and it will hold the line and gently fade out similar to a Gateway Wizard on an anhyzer but with less glide. The Reko handles hyzers just fine as well, you may just need to lighten up slightly because it likes to gently turn over with power.  It won’t fade as hard as a Wizard but the moderate glide does allow it to drop, just be ware that the rounded nose can lead to roll-aways on harder surfaces if it lands hard on the nose.

The Reko does fine with any grip, although the power grip is especially comfortable to me because my small hands fit the low profile.  The low profile also lends itself to side arms, and the Reko can handle enough torque for a decent sidearm.  And this brings me to one area where the Reko really stands out among all-around putters, and that is it’s ability to consistently handle torque especially on longer throws.  Driving over 200ft reminded me of driving with the Discraft Roach, it flips up nicely in to a significant but controllable turn, although I can’t throw the Reko quite as far due to the lower glide.

Final Verdict

The Kastaplast Reko has become my main putter.  It is the best all-around putter that I’ve thrown because of it’s balance of speed, glide and consistency.  It’s a must try for all disc golfers, beginner or advanced.

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4 thoughts on “Kastaplast Reko Review

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  • January 13, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    Damn, but the K3 Reko is hard to find in anything over 170 grams. What’s up with that? I’ve looked at their U.S. distributors, and communicated with Marshall Street. Seems like they’re only sending lighter weights across the pond on a regular basis. I did find a Canadian distributor, but the cost is more than I’d like to pay. Oh, well. Just venting. I’ve tried a friend’s and I really want a couple of these at around 174-75 grams.

    • January 13, 2017 at 1:21 pm

      Kastaplast in general seems a little difficult to find in the US. Infinite Discs has one in stock right now – 173 g in light blue. If that doesn’t work, you should check with 616 Disc (616disc.com, 616disc@gmail.com) to see if they’d be willing to ship you an order.

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