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Disc golf putting practice

It’s indisputable that putting practice is essential for your disc golf game, but putting practice is sometimes monotonous and can become boring if you’re not the type of person who find this peaceful and meditative.  So what can you do?  Try different disc golf putting games!  Here are a few putting games that DG PuttHeads recommend.  

Single Player Putting Games:


Tens is extremely repetitive putting practice, not allowing you to overlook even your strong areas.Disc Golf putting game tens

Choose three putting spots each 10 feet from a basket.  Rotate throwing 10 putts from each spot. When you make 10 in a row from one spot, move that spot 10 feet back. Continue rotating until all three spots have been moved back twice (now at 30 feet) and you have made 10 putts in a row from each of those spots.

Additional challenge: Move the putting spots back for a third time (to 40 feet) or just start further back (such as 15 or 20 feet).

Solo Ladder

The Ladder disc golf putting game focuses on your weak points and forces you to slowly push back your comfort zone.

Start five feet away. If you sink a putt, the next putt starts a foot further away.  If you miss a putt, the next putt is from a foot closer.  The more putts you make the further back you putt from.  

Around the World

Disc golf putting around the worldForces putting practice from all angles and requires consistency. 

Set somewhere between 8 and 15 throwing spots around the basket, the more spots the more difficult the challenge.  Start at the first spot, if you make the putt proceed to the next spot.  If you miss you may try with a second putt, but if you miss that putt also then you must start over from the first spot.  The challenge is completed when you’ve successfully navigated through each spot.


The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet putting challenge attacks your disc golf stamina, this helps immensely in the latter parts of a long round.

Set 10 to 15 putters randomly on the ground near a basket. Pick up any putter and try to make your shot.  Immediately walk to the next putter, take your shot, then proceed to each putter you have laid out.  You can see that the further your putters are spread the more difficult this putting game becomes as you’re moving further and putting from varying angles.

Additional challenge: Set the putters in a straight line with the basket just off to the side of the middle putter.  Start at the middle disc working your way outward but alternating sides each on putt, and for a workout run between discs.

Be careful not to let your form degrade, push yourself to move quickly between discs but don’t rush your putt!

Disc Golf Putting Game Gauntlet

Multi-Player Putting Games:


This one needs little explanation, but in case you’re not familiar with it here it is.  The competitive aspect gives you some real experience putting under pressure.

Take turns calling your putt and attempting to make the putt. After a player makes a putt, all subsequent players must make the same putt and if they miss they receive a letter.  When you acquire all letters of “horse” you’re out.

Additional challenge 1: If all opponents make your called shot, you must validate by making the shot again.  Miss and you get the letter.

Additional challenge 2: Force players to call a putting location and the specific line.  For instance, this must be an anhyzer putt.

The Range

This is our favorite disc golf putting game.  The Range putting challenge exercises your ability to analyze the risk vs. reward of your putt and develop a strategy.Disc Golf putter game Range

Set three to four putting spots near and around the basket at different angles and distances.  Assign a point value for each spot (typically 1 through 4 points) and alternate turns putting.  Putt from any spot you choose under this risk/reward system.  First player to reach 20 points is the winner.

Additional challenge 1: Outlaw putting from the same spot two turns in a row

Additional challenge 2: Throw all discs in the middle, pick any disc from the pile, replenish pile after all discs have been thrown once.

Additional challenge 3: The rebuttal. When a player hits 20, all other players get to shoot until they miss in attempt to catch up.

Multi-player Ladder

Same rules as Solo Ladder putting game, except with increments of 5 feet (and starting 5 feet away). Players take turns throwing between 10 and 15 discs (depending on the level of challenge you desire) and player who ends furthest away wins.

Baseball – Check out disc golf blog’s description of the game


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