Winter Disc Golf Basket

Winter Disc Golf – Gear

Most of our readers are well aware of the winter conditions we experience here in Michigan.  And you're likely also…
winter disc golf advice

Winter Disc Golf – Advice

With winter coming to an end and your winter disc golf opportunities dwindling, we thought you might enjoy a wider…
winter disc golf goals

Winter Disc Golf – Benefits and Goals

I love playing disc golf in the winter.  Primarily because we rarely encounter more than one or two other groups…
Friction Gloves Disc Golf Review

Friction Gloves Review

I'm sure you are aware that we play year round no matter the temperature but you probably didn't know that…
Discs for Cold Winter Disc Golf

Winter Disc Golf – Discs and Plastic

Does this sound familiar?  You pull out your cold hard Elite Z Nuke, still beaded with drops of melted snow…
Winter Disc Golf Putting

Winter Disc Golf – Putting

Next up in our series on disc golfing in the winter is putting.  Just how much does the cold weather affect…
Just Throw Snow

Just Throw – Episode 5 – Cold

It's cold! Listen to episode 5 with a warm drink. Episode Theme: Cold Episode Length: 01:06:13 Download Subscribe on iTunes (more…)
cold weather disc golf distance

Winter Disc Golf – Distance

It's cold in Michigan, 24 degrees as I write this article.  Yet Rodney and I still find ourselves out on…
Disc Golf Mirror Form Adjustment

Disc Golf Mirror Form Adjustment

If you’re familiar with my philosophies, then you probably already know that I’m a huge advocate of video analysis on…