Just Throw

Just Throw Podcast Episode 10 Adjustment

Episode 10 of the Just Throw Podcast is released!  However, the format is slightly different.  We've had to make some…
Just Throw Podcast

Just Throw – Episode 9 – Luck

Back in the studio for this episode, we're discussing luck, curses, and superstition. Episode Theme: Luck Episode Length: 01:03:44 Download Subscribe…
Just Throw

Just Throw – Episode 8 – Roadtrip

Our triumphant return to podcasting was recorded in our hotel room during a disc golf road trip. Episode Theme: Roadtrip Episode…
Discraft Crush Out Of Print

Just Throw Podcast Mini Series

If you've been listening to the Just Throw Podcast over the past months then you've heard us dropping hints about…
Just Throw New

Just Throw – Episode 6 – New

Shiny and new, a podcast for you! Episode Theme: New Episode Length: 01:05:06 Download Subscribe on iTunes (more…)
Just Throw Snow

Just Throw – Episode 5 – Cold

It's cold! Listen to episode 5 with a warm drink. Episode Theme: Cold Episode Length: 01:06:13 Download Subscribe on iTunes (more…)
Zen Disc Golf

Chris on the Zen Disc Golf Podcast

Check out Chris's appearance on the Zen Disc Golf Podcast.http://zendiscgolf.com/2015/10/07/83491/Subscribe on iTunes | Listen on Stitcher| Download Podcast Audio