Gateway disc golf chiefOS review

Gateway Disc Sports Chief OS Review

Overstable but offers long straight lines.  Crazy glide but provides confidence and consistency.  The Chief OS is a very versatile…
Gateway Discs Chief Review putter

Gateway Disc Sports Chief Review

The Gateway Chief will give you commanding accuracy as it flies straight as an arrow toward your target. This straight…
Innova AviarX3

Innova AviarX3 Review

Innova Discs has released several overstable driving putters in the last 18 months with the Rat, Aviar3, and Stud.  Each…
Discraft Challenger OS Review

Discraft Challenger OS Review

Discraft's Challenger OS is one of the best mold modifications I have thrown.  Some mold adjustments make the disc slightly…
Dynamic Discs Slammer Review

Dynamic Discs Slammer Review

The Dynamic Discs Slammer is one of the most robust overstable putters that we've thrown.  It's powerful and comfortable plus…
Discraft Ringer and RingerGT Review

Discraft Ringer and Ringer GT Review

Discraft's Ringer, originally released in Pro-D, has now been released in the adjusted Ringer GT mold available in Jawbreaker and Soft-X plastics.…
RPM Discs Tui Putter Review

RPM Discs Tui Review

The RMP Discs Tui  has a flight that resembles its stamp; intricate, beautiful and precise.  RPM discs has been manufacturing discs…
Obsidian Discs Splinter Putter Review

Obsidian Discs Splinter Review

Obsidian discs sent us a G5 Splinter to review about a month ago.  This review took longer than most not only because…
Gateway Warlock Putter Review

Gateway Warlock Review

The Gateway Warlock putter is magical as it holds its line and cuts through the air.  The lines you can…
Westside Discs Harp Putter

Westside Discs Harp Review

The Westside Discs Harp is here to tune in your approach game and help you string up some birdies. (more…)