Best Disc Golf Putter

What is the best disc golf putter?

  • Dynamic Discs Judge
  • Gateway Wizard

The best disc golf putter is between the Dynamic Discs Judge or the Gateway Wizard.  These two stand out as the best all around putters available today and are among the most popular putter choices of professional disc golfers.  The Judge and Wizard are consistent discs that come in a variety of plastics to appease disc golfers of all types.

Best disc golf putter

What makes a good disc golf putter?

A great putting disc will be comfortable in your hand, release easily, and travel on your desired putting arc.  A solid putter will also allow you to putt consistently from both inside the circle and further out into the approach zone.


What are some other great disc golf putters?

Most people argue that all putters are simply clones of the Innova Aviar, which is an excellent putter itself.  However, there are other discs that are very useful in certain disc golf situations.  Depending on your putting style and disc preferences it’s a great idea to test multiple putters in different plastic types.  Here are some specialty putters we recommend:


Dynamic Discs JudgeBest Putter for Push Putts

Push putting requires a firmer flight plate and a neutral/stable putter.  The Judge fits comfortably in your hand and provides an ideal flight and glide combination for push putting.

Dynamic Discs Judge


Best Putter for Spin PuttsGateway Wizards

Spin putting can be performed with any flight plate firmness, but a medium to soft seems to work best.  Usually a high glide putter is most appropriate to achieve the benefits of spinning the putter, and the Wizard has glide and consistency.

Gateway Wizard


Best Overstable PutterDynamic Discs Suspect Review

Sometimes you need a slightly overstable putter for an approach or putting in the wind.  While considered a midrange disc by some, the Suspect handles a light toss inside the circle quite well and will drop with pin-point accuracy.

Dynamic Discs Suspect


Best Understable PutterWestside Discs Swan 1 Reborn

An understable putter allows for a lighter toss from those precarious positions.  Often understable putters are inconsistent and dives hard, but the swan is a gentle putter appropriate for many putting styles

Westside Discs Swan 1 Reborn


Kastaplast K3 Berg PutterBest Low Glide Putter

A low glide putter helps reduce float away putts, which increases consistency.  The Berg will take high power throws or light tosses and will drop safely after its deadly straight flight.

Kastaplast Berg


Best Putter for DrivingDiscraft Roach Putter Review

Sometimes you need to throw a putter with some power from the tee, but not all putters can handle power and maintain control.  The Roach is torque resistant, offers a great deal of glide, and can function wonderfully at a variety of distances.

Discraft Roach


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Putters By Manufacturer

Some of us like to carry discs from a single manufacturer instead of a bag of mixed plastic.  Here’s our choice for the best disc golf putter from each major disc golf manufacturer.


Axiom Envy


Daredevil Polar Bear


DGA Steady


Discmania P1x


Discraft Roach

Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs Judge


Gateway Wizard


Innova McPro Aviar


Kastaplast Reko

Latitude 64

Latitude 64 Pure


Millennium Omega



RPM Discs



Prodigy PA2


Vibram VP

Westside Discs

Westside Discs Shield 


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