Discraft Vulture Review

Discraft Vulture Review

Discraft’s Vulture is the newest disc of prey in their lineup.  This distance driver will give you predictability as well as workability and will remind you very much of Discraft’s veteran driver, the Predator.  Discraft recently sent us a Vulture to test and we were very pleased to find the familiar feel of the Predator but in a brand new mold with new potential. Read more

Prodigy PA3 Review

Prodigy PA3 Review

One of our readers (@TBartExpress on Twitter) recently suggested that we test Prodigy’s PA-3 putter.  We haven’t tested much Prodigy in the past so we picked up a PA-3 to review and we’ve been pleased.  Pleased to the point that we wonder why we haven’t heard more buzz about this reliable putter.
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Disc Golf Shaving Cream Dye

Disc Golf Shaving Cream Dye

Dying disc golf discs with shaving cream is one of the easiest methods of disc dying and can produce beautiful designs.  That’s why we’re writing an article highlighting this specific method first.  We previously wrote an article on the basics of how to dye a disc golf disc that’s worth reading, but that article discusses the setup of liquid dye mixtures.  The disc golf disc shaving cream dye process is dry and more about patience than the correct mixture.

What is A Disc Golf Shaving Cream Dye?

Maybe you’re not familiar with dying a disc with shaving cream.  The general idea is using shaving cream to hold dye in place so that it has time to set into the disc’s plastic.  This has the potential to produce unique patterns and mix different colors.  Here are a few examples of shaving cream disc dye jobs that we have recently completed.

shaving cream dye disc golf daggershavin gcream dye disc golf northman


Benefits of Dying a Disc with Shaving Cream

The shaving cream dye is one of the first dye methods that we experimented with, mostly because it’s quite simple once you have your process.  It’s also inexpensive because all you really need is shaving cream, a small amount of dye, and a disc.  You’ll probably be able to dye at least 15-20 discs with a single pack of dye, although you’ll definitely get better results if you use multiple colors.

To keep costs down, we like to purchase X-out and misprint discs from Infinite Discs, they’re less expensive and we often just remove the stamps for dying anyway.

shaving cream dye disc golf wraith
Innova Wraith dyed with stamp left on.

The shaving cream dye method can also produce some amazing designs even if you aren’t a pro.  You can easily create some great marble and splatter designs, or as you get better you can add patterns.  You can even use the shaving cream dye as a base to combine with other dying methods. 

Compared to other disc golf dying methods, the shaving cream dye is also relatively less messy.  You can just use dry powdered dye without mixing with water or acetone.  Dry dye and shaving cream still have the potential to make a mess, but I’ve found it easier to control than other methods.  If you like the stamp on a disc, you can use the shaving cream dye method and it won’t affect the stamp.  The stamp won’t soak up the dye so you can have both a cool dye pattern and the stamp you like.

How To Dye A Disc with Shaving Cream

There are only a few steps to dying a disc with shaving cream, but there are a number of things that are very helpful to know so be sure to read beyond the overview steps!

  1. Fill a base with shaving cream.  Ultimate discs work great, pie tins work but may need to be flattened, or you can just use a plate.
  2. Smooth out the shaving cream and sprinkle powdered dye on top.
  3. Place your disc top down on the shaving cream and give it a slight twist.
  4. Let the disc set on the die for 24-36 hours then rinse off all shaving cream and dye.

Sounds simple right?  Well, yes, it is simple but it is also easy to end up with a bad dye job if you don’t consider each step.

disc golf shaving cream dye method
This dye job did not come out well because of the heavy dye application on the shaving cream.

Shaving Cream Disc Dying Considerations

discraft buzzz shaving cream dye
Discraft Buzzz dyed with red iDye Ploy and blue iDye regular. Regular blue iDye did not soak into the disc.

First, choose your dye.  I prefer iDye Poly from Jacquard Products.  It’s inexpensive and works well, but make sure you use Poly which is made specifically for plastic otherwise it may not stick at all! 

One of the largest factors in achieving a great shaving cream disc golf dye is applying the dye correctly.  If you just dump dye onto the shaving cream, you’ll likely be disappointed with the results.  I’ve found the best results come from sprinkling the dye on the shaving cream very lightly.  The dye will soak up moisture from the shaving cream and then start to dissolve and spread, and the spreading allows you to dye a large area of the disc without using much dye.  If you use too much dye, some areas may not soak up moisture and you’ll be left with small pockets of undyed disc that don’t look natural.  You may also end up with large blobs of color and no real design.

dyeing disc golf cream
Dye spread lightly on shaving cream

You should also carefully consider your colors.  Dye often doesn’t transfer to the disc the same as the color you see on the package.  Green is especially tricky because it is sometimes not just true green, but a mix of multiple colors such as yellow, blue, brown, and others.  While that may turn out just fine on clothing, it can result in specks of different colors on the disc.  It’s a great idea to test your dye on a misprint or water disc fist.

As mentioned above, you have options for a shaving cream base.  In the video embedded below, Mother Huckin Chucker suggests using an Ultimate disc.  This is convenient because it’s large enough for the disc golf disc to fit and the sides will hold the shaving cream inside helping to contain the mess.  I usually use a flattened pie tin because I can adjust the height of the sides however I find appropriate.  When dying putters, I like to make sure the dye is spread all the way down the blunt nose so it looks more complete, but on drivers I don’t worry about the rim since the nose is usually sharp.

After you have placed the disc on the shaving cream with dye, consider twisting the disc a little as Mother Huckin Chucker suggests, or even picking the disc up and placing it back down.  Since the dye is a powdered solid, it often leaves a speckled pattern.  This pattern can be neat on it’s own, but if you’re looking for a smoother or marbled pattern then the twist or resetting the disc will help spread the dye and smooth the pattern.

Disc golf shaving cream dye squallPatterns can be difficult using this method since the dye spreads out as it dissolves.  As you become better, you’ll be able to figure out what types of patterns work well and which don’t.  I’d recommend first testing without specific patterns to get a feel for how the dye behaves then slowly moving into basic patterns.  You can see by the images that some basic patterns work quite well, but also depend heavily on the color combinations.

Dark colors soak into the disc much more quickly.  When using a combination of light and dark colors you will often realize better results if you first add the light color (and let set for around 36 hours) then repeat the process with dark colors (let set for around 24 hours).  Of course, this process makes patterns difficult since you’re doing multiple layers, but you’ll learn the best methods for your needs.

In the first “How to Dye a Disc Golf Disc” article I covered the different types of plastic and how they hold dye.  This method is a little different.  Base plastic doesn’t like to hold dye without acetone, so if you get the dye to stick, it will likely be very light and will fade quickly. Champion/Elite Z/Lucid or other similar plastic usually requires longer to soak in the dye; I like to go about 36 hours especially for light colors.  I’ve found that translucent Trilogy plastic (Lucid, VIP, Opto) hold the best shaving cream dyes for this type of plastic producing the best colors and leaving a nice shine on top of the dye for a professional look.   Star/ESP type plastics will soak up dye more quickly than other plastics and they resulting color is typically brighter and more pure, but as I mentioned in the first article, these will eventually fade and bleed.

disc golf shaving cream dye
Custom stamped DGPH EMac Truth sitting upside down in dye

One time I ran out of shaving cream so I used shaving gel that I found in the back of my closet.  The results came out the same, but I would still recommend shaving cream because it’s less expensive.

A word of advice from Mother Huckin Chucker, “Don’t be afraid to get crazy with your patterns!”  Check out his Instagram feed to see some of his awesome designs.


Disc Golf Shaving Cream Dye Conclusion

I enjoy dying my disc golf discs with the shaving cream dye method.  It’s relatively easy and inexpensive and I can produce great patterns on discs in a short amount of time.  I’ve included a few additional images of successful shaving cream dyes that I’ve completed, but we’d love to see what you can do.  We’re still learning and most of our designs are basic, we know there are some amazing results out there so please show us what you have!



cool disc golf shaving cream dye
Final product of the custom stampped DGPH EMac Truth dyed with shaving cream

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Winter Disc Golf – Ribbons

Winter Disc Golf – Ribbons

If you’ve disc golfed through the winter then you’ll know that winter disc golf comes with many new difficulties that you don’t face in the summer.  We’ve written about effects cold has on disc golf plastic and what do do about lost distance due to cold, but what can you do about snow?  It may sound crazy, but try attaching a ribbon to your disc!  This is a winter disc golf technique that we’ve been using for many years, here’s what you need to know.

Disc Golf Discs In Snow

Discs golf discs are easy to lose in the snow.  A disc will have a tendency to cut into the snow and only leave small mark then continue to travel underneath the snow making it quite difficult to find.  Losing a disc is easy even in shallow snow, just check out my Instagram video below.

One answer is attaching a ribbon to your disc.  The concept is simple, if your discs burrows under the snow you’ll still be able to find it because the ribbon will stick out where the disc entered.  

Taping Ribbons to Disc Golf Discs

ribbon disc golf winter

It sounds easy but there are a few things you should know.  Here are our recommendations based on many winters of ribbon disc golf:

  1. Tape the ribbon to the underside of your disc.  The ribbon is less likely to fall off and we’ve found that it is slightly less intrusive.
  2. Around three feet of ribbon is usually optimal.  Longer ribbons obviously cause greater drag but go too short and the ribbon may get covered in snow.
  3. Use duct tape.  We’ve tried a few other types of tape (electrical tape, packing tape) and found that duct tape usually holds the longest, but be careful because it will slowly start to peel. 
  4. Tape the ribbons on before you go outside.  Duct tape sticks much better when applied in the warmth.
  5. Ribbons get messy in your bag, so use fewer discs.  Kind of like the cords behind your television, not fun to untangle.
  6. We’ve heard rumors that smooth ribbons work best, but we haven’t noticed a difference between ribbons or string.
  7. Carry extra ribbons and tape.  You’re likely to lose a couple ribbons during the round, especially in extremely cold temperatures when the adhesive becomes less effective.

Pro Tip: Find the right winter disc.  Chris often bags a Blizzard Destroyer, Element Discs Uranium, and Element Discs Iridium in the winter.

Effects of Ribbons on Your Disc

winter disc golf ribbons

The effects of ribbons are pretty much what you’d expect, your disc slows down and you lose distance. We believe this is still better than losing a disc and it allows us to continue throwing through winter snow, but we have also heard some disc golfers say that it is not even worth while.  When playing disc golf with ribbons on our discs we usually just play conservatively with the expectation that we aren’t going to score well, it’s all about an extra opportunity to play disc golf.

One quick warning though: Avoid throwing through trees.  Ribbons easily snag on tree branches or bushes which can yank the ribbon off your disc or pull your disc right out of line.  It is even possible that the ribbon gets caught in a branch and you end up with a disc hanging from a tall tree.

I do enjoy watching a disc fire out of my hand and seeing the ribbon dance around behind it.  You don’t see something like this anywhere else and you can capture some very intriguing photos.

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snow disc golf ribbons

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2017 Putter of the Year

2017 Putter of the Year

2017 Chaincrasher Awards Official Results

infinite discs logoSponsored by Infinite Discs

Official results for the 2017 Chaincrasher awards are in, thank you to all who voted!  We decided on two official awards this year with three honorary awards, but we need your input to decide which awards will stick around for next year!   Also, if your favorite putter of 2017 didn’t make the list then just get out there in 2018 and campaign hard to get all of your friends to vote.   Enough talk, let’s get to the Chaincrasher Awards! Read more

Discraft Challenger OS Review

Discraft Challenger OS Review

Discraft’s Challenger OS is one of the best mold modifications I have thrown.  Some mold adjustments make the disc slightly longer or significantly change the stability, but the Challenger OS has just the right amount of added stability to conserve most of the original Challenger’s benefits while bulking it up. Read more

2017 Disc Golf Gift Guide

2017 Disc Golf Gift Guide

Every year we field a number of questions about gifts for significant disc golf others, and we’ve seen may already.  One of the differences over the past couple years is that there are many more new and unique items available for thoughtful and personal disc golf gifts.  Here is our 2017 disc golf gift buying guide, all personally tested by the Disc Golf Puttheads and highly recommended.


Holiday Edition Gift DiscsInnova Holiday Firestorm

Discs are never a bad idea and are easily found, but when giving a disc as a holiday present you usually want something special.  This year the holiday edition stamps have been quite popular.  The are some crazy and in style stamps, or you if you prefer simple like me there are options like Innova’s Holiday Firestorm which is also a new mold.

Here are a few other holiday edition discs.


Custom Mini Disc Marker

Discraft Mini DiscsMini markers have become quite popular and there are all sorts of custom minis available.  You can find metal minis, wood minis, super color minis, or you could even get a custom engraved Nak Mini Disc Golf Marker.  Many brands have also introduced macro minis which are 6 inch versions of your favorite molds that you can throw!  Here’s our experience with a Discraft macro mini round.


Friction Gloves Disc Golf Review


Friction Gloves

We’ve tested many types of gloves and Friction gloves have been our choice of disc golf gloves for cold weather.  Rodney wears his Friction gloves during every cold round.  You can check out our Friction Gloves review, or order a pair of Friction Gloves here!



discs and zen disc golf book

Discs and Zen

Hopefully you’ve read the first book by Patrick McCormick, Zen and the Art of Disc Golf.  Discs and Zen is his follow up and comes highly recommended by the DG Puttheads.  You can find your copy of Discs and Zen here.


Nite Ize Flashlight LED Disc Review

Nite-Ize Flashflight Night Disc Golf Set

We’ve tested all sorts of night and glow disc golf discs and accessories.  If you’re going out strictly for night disc golf then we recommend trying Flashflight.  Flashflight has build in LEDs so you won’t have to worry about fading glow or losing an attachable light.  Here’s our Flashflight review (with a purchase link for when you’re ready): http://dgputtheads.com/nite-ize-flashlight-led-disc-golf-review 


Ultimate Discsdiscraft ultra-start holiday gift

But you’re looking for disc golf gifts right?  Well, an Ultimate disc such as a Discraft Ultra-Star is an inexpensive gift that any disc golfer could use pool-side in the summer or at the course killing time for his or her friends to show up for the round.  It’s also great practice throwing a different style disc, helps with those finesse lines!


Mini Disc Golf Basket

Let’s be honest, what disc golfer wouldn’t want a mini basket to keep at a desk or counter.  You could also go for the micro basket if you’re on a budget.  The selection of mini and micro baskets is growing!disc golf micro basket

DGPH Custom Stamped Fundraiser Disc

If you’ve read this far, then hopefully you’ve found our articles helpful.  Maybe you’d like to support us by purchasing your own DGPH stamped disc.  We have Judges for $14 and Slammers for $16 and we’re offering free shipping for the holiday season!  Just fill out a DGPH contact form and we can get you setup.DG Puttheads Dynamic Discs Slammer


We hope your holidays are great and filled with disc golf!


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We are affiliated with Infinitediscs.com but we will still provide our honest opinion and will never recommend an item unless we have tested it and believe in its quality.  We also fully support Infinite Discs and the customer service that they provide and would do so even without any affiliation.

Lightning Rubber Putter Review

Lightning Rubber Putter Review

Lightning Disc Golf is one of the few brands beside Vibram to offer a disc made of rubber.  This is the Rubber Putter and we recently acquired one to test.  Lightning often has a reputation of poor quality discs, but we decided to give them a fair shot and it turns out that Lightning’s Rubber Putter is actually a decent disc when used appropriately. Read more