How to "Break In" a Disc

If you watch a few “in the bag” videos, you’ll see that many professional disc golfers carry multiple copies of the same mold.  Sometimes these are for backup purposes, but sometimes you’ll hear the pro mention a seasoned disc that is a little more u…

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Supplies to Break In A Disc - Disc, Towel, Duct Tape, Tennis Ball

Disc Golf Stall Shot

What is a disc golf stall shot?  I’m always surprised by the number of times I’m asked that question when I describe my putt and approach game, but it seems that either the shot or the term is not as common as I had assumed.  A stall shot is purposel…

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Disc Golf Putting Games

It’s indisputable that putting practice is essential for your disc golf game, but putting practice is sometimes monotonous and can become boring if you’re not the type of person who find this peaceful and meditative.  So what can you do?  Try differe…

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Disc golf putting practice

The 5 Most Important Putting Components

Watch a round of disc golf at the local course or a professional tournament, and you’ll notice something very quickly: there are a lot of different putting styles! Spin, turbo, push, spush, walking, and list could go on.  Each of those basic putting …

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The Importance of Solid Putting

There’s a long-standing mantra in golf: “drive for show, putt for dough.” This old adage reminds us that driving and distance is fun and flashy, but solid putting will win you the money. The more I play, the more I find this is so true in disc golf a…

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Putting Circle

Lessons Learned By A Disc Golfer's Wife

We’ve got a very special guest post for you today from Chris’ wife, Cheryl.  Cheryl has some advice for the wives (or husbands) of all the disc golfers out there which should be especially helpful for those who’s spouse just picked up disc golf!  Her…

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Lessons of disc golfer's wife

Disc Golf Analysis - Distance Tiers

I’ve played disc golf for 13 years and like most tenured disc golfers I’ve evolved my game over time. While it’s much more common to analyze individual throwing techniques like power grips or putting styles, I find it helpful to occasionally assess m…

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Maintain Focus With A Pre-shot Routine

We’ve all done it before.  You’re playing well above your ability and the moment you check the score, you throw a few bad shots, you get a few bad bounces, and your score plummets back to reality.  How do the top amateur and professional players keep…

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Disc Golf Disc Recommendations

Giving and Asking for Disc Recommendations

I think most disc golfers will agree that one of the great aspects of disc golf is the vast number of discs available and the relatively low cost of discs.  While a giant stack of discs isn't necessary, it's great fun…
Discraft Thrasher

Discraft Thrasher Driver Review

Continuing their current trend of designing easier-to-throw discs, Discraft has released the Thrasher.  This high-speed understable disc also resists a full flip, meaning you can power it up and watch it fly. (more…)
Embarassing Disc Golf

10 Things Disc Golfers Are Embarrassed To Admit To Non-Disc Golfers

We love what we do.  We're disc golfers and we're proud of it!  But sometimes we like to keep our disc golf idioms within our circle disc golf peers.  After all, non-disc golfers just don't understand many of the things…
Getting better or improving your disc golf game is fun

Improve Your Disc Golf Game

One of the most common questions we get is "How do I get better at disc golf?".  The answer to this question is very simple, just throw; we must do in order to improve.  But the person asking this question…